Reactor, heat exchanger, a professional manufacturer of thin-film evaporator
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General Manage:Mr. Zhang huifeng

Address:150m   south   of   the   intersection   of   Yongfu   Road   and   Fangquan   Road,   Binhu   District,   Wuxi   City,   Jiangsu   Province   (in   the   Weida   Thermal   Factory)  

Zhenghai Petrochemical Equipment (Wuxi)Co., Ltd.Located in Jiangnan Yi Sing city Zhoutie town, north according to the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing secondary roads bordering the Taihu Lake, beautiful scenery, convenient traffic, pleasant climate!

        Our company is a professional factory to manufacture the chemical, pharmaceutical equipment. The Company's strong technical force, well-equipped, advanced production technology, detection means perfect,reliable quality and superior performance...

Corporation Culture:The tenet: the policy of quality for existence, variety for development and service for reputation

The principle of “prompt delivery time, reasonable price, high-quality products and excellent after-sales service”

Service Concept:Make customer satifactory Establish work style centres in customers, improve service sense and technique, satisfy our customers with high-quality and prompt service,In pursuit of leading service